Leifeld PNC 109
(Stock# 3442)

Automatic, multipurpose, precision spinforming machine with two roller changer and two axes.

The PNC 109 is an automatic spinforming machine equipped with a computer numerical control system, including software for programming single pass shear form or multiple pass spinforming operations.

The PNC 109 is a multi-purpose machine designed to encompass a large variety of spinform applications, in different shapes and sizes and is economical for sort runs with frequent set-up changes or for extended production runs.


Technical Data
Max Blank Diameter 41.34 inches
Distance between Centers 59.06 inches
Longitudinal Slide Stroke 23.62 inches
Cross Slide Stroke 13.73 inches
Slide Thrust, each 11,240 lb/force
Tailstock Sleeve Stroke 19.69 inches
Tailstock Sleeve Thrust 7.418 lb/force
Ejector Stroke 15.75 inches
Ejector Thrust 6,070 lb/force
AC Spindle Drive Rating 36 H.P.
Hydraulic System 20 H.P.
Spindle Speed Range:  
     1. Step 72-575 rpm
     2. Step 286-2,300 rpm
Tool Mounting Centering Flange DIN # 8
Net Weight 22,000 lbs


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