Automatic Template Machines

Fully automatic spinning equipment started out life requiring an understanding of how to create the forming passes consistently from part to part. Two different methodologies have been employed over the years. Both Autospin and Keilinghaus used the step tracer system which gave great flexibility/variation in stroke shape, ie. each stoke represented itself by an individual template.

The second method used by Leifeld and Denn was to make two templates, a master template and rotating template. The rotating template positioned itself in the first pass and the depth with which this template rotated, based on timers and flow control valves, determined the first and second passes etc. Each of these systems had their pros and cons.

Prism Machinery Ltd. has taken the second methodology and developed a software on a PLC allowing the operator to “tune” the machine to the most suitable stroke pattern for a product. These machines are both economical due to their comparatively lower electrical sophistication. We recommend these machines for longer runs or start up shops.

We can offer these machines set up for production if desired.

Automatic Template Machines Products