CNC Metal Spinning Machine

CNC Metal Spinning Machines were developed in the early 1980's to fill the need of job shops and manufactureres to process orders more efficiently and to obtain great flexibility in tool motion.

We either have CNC Metal Spinning Machines from original equipment manufacturers or can add our "SPINFORM" Control to a machine from our inventory.

We strip, sandblast, paint and prime our frames.  A thorough remanufacturing program breathes fresh life into slides, spindle and other wear components.  Now we have an "as new" mechanical component.  New hydraulic components ensure trouble free operations of the "power" portion of the machine. 

During our 28 years of experience supplying the spinning industry, we developed a high end metal spinning machine conversion system - "Spinform".  The brains of the machine comes from the Siemens 840 D sl - a control which is highly regarded in the machine tool industry.  This system rounds out a thorough conversion and the result is an "as new" machine.  Prism also has 'previously' enjoyed CNC Metal Spinning Machines available from time to time