A Powerful Control that is easy to use:             

"SPINFORM" refers to the Control System - the teach and edit software.

Our Philosophy is that the machine should 'learn' from taught inputs by a 'teacher'. That teacher can be a skilled hand spinner, a computer savey individual or anyone willing to learn.

The interaction of the operator with the machine was developed to be as ergonomic as possible - either a skilled spinner or a newly introduced individual can quickly learn to process of metal spinning.  Although it takes many years to achieve the inital learning phase, metal spinning is an art and can take many years to perfect.

Our ergonomically designed interface allows the operator to develop his/her skills to transition smoothly into production.

The Mechanics Are Simple:

The system is so simple - it can be used to make 5 - 50 or 5,000 parts. Accuracy can be less than .001" part to part.

Let us offer you a powerful alternative for making your automatic more productive.