Our Services       

CNC Metal Spinning Machinery

New CNC Spinning Machines including engineering, automation, tooling, setup and training.

Metal Spinning Machine Retrofits

Our 'SPINFORM' retrofits are no longer a well kept secret. 

Manufacturers and job shops are returning to us time and again for our expertise.

We offer Remanufactured Spinning Machines including engineering, automation, tooling, setup and training.

Trimming & Beading Machinery

We offer retrofit services on Omera as well as completely remanufactured Omera machines - as new.

We offer custom built Trimming and Beading Machines including engineering, tooling, setup and training.

Product Development  

Prism Machinery has over 28 years of experience in machine building coupled with our policy of building a production ready machine which makes us well equipped to assist in developing your concepts.

Machine Evaluation

With over 28 years experience in metal forming machinery, we have the expertise to appraise any spinforming machinery for refinancing or auction purposes.