48 Inch - Prism 24/48 Hand Spinning Lathe
(Stock# 3350)

We build two versions of a job shop spinning lathe. Both are considered “Cadillacs” in their field. At 3500 lbs they are three times the weight of their predecessors. Two versions are offered, the standard duty and heavy duty.

Variations in spindle design can be offered, i.e. the threaded spindle can be replaced with a DIN style if one wants the use of a brake. Custom features like addition of hydraulic slides for trimming/beading etc can be added if desired.

During Twenty-four years of supplying the metal spinning industry, we have developed a strong understanding of the trade. In turn, Prism has built a machine with the features and ruggedness which this trade requires.


  • Operator's Control Console with on/off settable acceleration/deceleration times and rpm adjustment
  • T Rest
  • Prism MT #3 Live Center


Technical Data
Maximum blank size - Gap Closed 24 Inches 609 mm
Maximum blank size - Gap Open 48 inches 1,219 mm
Height to Center 12 / 24 Inches 304 / 609 mm
Distance between centers - Gap Open 30 inches 762 mm
Tailstock Travel 12 inches 304 mm
Spindle Power - Variable Frequence Drive 10 H.P. 7.45 kW
Approximate Weight of Machine 3,300 Lbs. 1,497 kg


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